Yeay akhir nya penuh 20sticker…so apa lagi..lelaju p tukar kat 7E…dapat lah patung pertama ni…balik papa pasang2 siap…tadaaa…comey jgak patung ni..hihihi..so semangat la mama nak mengumpul 9-9 jenis anak beranak BoboiBoy ni…hehehe…

From left Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Ochobot, Yaya & Fang
Nampak tak? Ni lg 2 kad y da penuh sticker…sok blh tukar lg…yeay😁

Nak share Term & Conditions nya :
👉Stickers are issued from 10 Mar to 4May 2015
👉Last date of redemption is 11May 2015 (while stock last basis)
👉Every RM6 purchase in a single receipt is entitled to one (1) sticker
👉One (1) extra sticker if there is a minimum purchase of one (1) featured product within every RM6 purchase in a single receipt
👉RM6 purchase exclude tobacco,gift card,reload and in-store service payment
👉Only original stickers are accepted for redemption
👉Each collector card is redeemable one only and combination of card are not allowed
👉No selection of BoBoiBoy 3D Puzzle Figurine variant allowed, one package is opened, it is considered redeemed and cannot be exchanged or replaced
👉The redemption of BoBoiBoy 3D Puzzle Figurine is on a while stock last basis
👉7-Eleven Malaysia reserves the right on all final decisions and to amend the term & conditions without prior notice
👉Collectors card may also be download at 7Eleven.com.my

☑Product subject to availability and limited to 350,000 pieces only
☑Ptoduct are shown for illustration purposes only
☑Product subject to availability and while stock last

Apa lagi cepat2 sbb patung ni comey giler..hehe…saje buat koleksi😋

By EbbyRich

Seorang isteri dan ibu kepada 4 orang puteri dan seorang putera yang ingin membantu orang ramai untuk membantu lebih ramai orang untuk lebih sihat disamping menjana pendapatan bersama-sama

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